Macchine Riempitrici

Prod. fino a - up to 2000 bt/h

SAT 1000/2000

The saturator is a device capable of carbonating (carbonating) water or other liquids: soft drinks, beer, alcoholic beverages.

The operation takes place by mixing the gas (CO2) with the liquid to be gassed using a specific device capable of preparing the fluid currents for the absorption of the greatest possible quantity of gas in order to obtain homogeneous and constant gassing over time.

The saturator consists of:

• an injection pump for the liquid to be treated;
• a mixing device with attached gas inlet circuit;
• a mixing and temporary storage tank;
• a booster pump to the user.

The production is carried out independently with the help of an operator.


Tank capacity: 75 Lt
Max use pressure: 6 bar
Dissolved CO2: Max 10g / L
Sanitizing temperature: Max 110 ° C



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