Macchine Riempitrici

Prod. 500 bt/h

ISO 5/5/1C

Automatic monoblock for rinsing, filling and application of crown caps.
The isobaric filling system enables the bottling of carbonated and still drinks, sparkling and still wines, beer and cider.
The rinser removes dust and impurities inside the bottle by means of a jet of sterile water.
The filling machine is equipped with five taps with veil filling and pre-emptying, degassing and level control.
The single-head capping machine applies and closes crown caps fed by automatic vibrator.
The monoblocs are characterized by advanced technology and can be inserted in line.


Working bottles: from 0.33 L to 1.5L
No-foam filling device
Straws for filling level adjustment
Single/double pre-evacuation
AISI 304 steel structure
Parameter adjustment from the control panel
Automatic single-head turret for crown cap


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