Classical Campagne Method Machines

Prod. 900 bt/h

POKER 900/1S/1G

The POKER 900/1S/1G monoblock has been designed to carry out work on glass bottles from 375 ml to 1500 ml.

Coated in stainless steel, it is composed of four main units:

- a continuous rotation turret dedicated to the disgorging operation, consisting of three work points equipped with grippers
- an intermittent rotating turret, complete with six work points (each equipped with grippers) which perform the operations of filling, dosage of the liqueur and leveling with wine
- a capping unit for the application of cork stoppers
- a wire-hood unit for the application and closing of the wire-hoods


Working bottles: from 0.375 L to 1.5L
Inlet bottle neck washing device
Automatic adjustable dosage
Stainless steel taps
Simple, reliable and easily sanitized



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