Classical Campagne Method

Prod. Da 0.375 L a 1.5 L


The degorging machine has been designed to perform the degorging operation (i.e. the extraction of the crown cap) by means of a turret equipped with four (mod. DG4) or six (mod. DG6) bottle picking / closing units.

After freezing, the bottles are loaded on the inclined conveyor belt and the crown cap is removed. The internal pressure manages to expel the ice containing the lees collected in the bidet, leaving the wine free of the smallest particle in suspension, perfectly clear.

Following the extraction of the cork, the bottle, which remains in an inclined position, is closed to limit the spillage of wine. The bottle is then returned to a vertical position ready for subsequent operations.


Working bottles: from 0.375 L to 1.5L
Inlet bottle neck washing device
Simple, reliable and easily sanitized



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